Following on from my articles on bringing Charles Booths maps up to date and visualising Ofcom’s broadband speed data, I’ve been looking at other ways to create webmaps that explore data visually. A feature of QGIS that I’ve overlooked for too long is the threejs plugin; it creates interactive 3d webmaps in minutes and is able take the vertical z-axis from any numerical field in the data.

This is what happens when you associate the OS Openlayers buildings layer with the Ofcom data, and ask threejs to extrude building heights from the median internet speed.

The map is interactive – take it for a spin, zoom, and change the viewing angle using your mouse.

Using the plugin couldn’t be easier – follow this video tutorial and you’ll have it working minutes.

(BTW All the data and applications to do this are opensource or opendata – it won’t cost you a penny to try it out!)

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