As a bit of Friday fun I’ve re-run my 3D model on parts of Lancashire to see what the landscape looks like when you have B4RN Towers alongside the low-rise living of ordinary broadband users.

Click on the help to see how to steer zoom the map and explore high-rise living.

  • Red buildings equate to first generation basic broadband (up to 8Mbps)
  • Amber is 2nd generation basic (up to 24Mbps)
  • Green is first generation superfast (up to 80 Mbps)
  • Blue is ultrafast above 80Mbps

Looking a little like a 1960’s housing development gone wrong in a deeply rural village, it hammers home what an extraordinary feat B4RN is.

Thanks to Lindsey Annison for the suggestion!

  1. Walter G M Willcox says:

    A most remarkable illustration of and even more astonishing achievement against all the adverse forces within BDUK and Lancashire CC

    VERY well done Adrian ! ! !

    Unless I’m mistake, this graphic depicts the northern part of the B4RN footprint. If so there’s even more jungle to illustrate around Quernmore, Abbeystead and Dolphinholme and also including the “Herculean” route through the 18 km of Littledale and Roeburndale.

      • Angus says:

        Amazing! A very impressive illustration of what can be achieved with picks, shovels, community spirit and the odd mole plough. Can’t wait to plug in at Tunstall!
        BTW – works just fine on a Mac, only not in Safari, try Firefox!

  2. Chris Conder says:

    Awesome. Poor Caton with its infinity. We’ve surrounded it with tower blocks and now it has no view at all. Bet LCC is pretty fed up after handing over all that funding for copper. 😉

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