Adrian Wooster

Adrian Wooster speaking at an INCA conference

I’m Adrian Wooster, a broadband strategist and architect with over 20 years experience of working to bring communities, industry and the public sector together in new and exciting ways to deliver sustainable superfast broadband to even the most remote of places while locking in the commercial, social and economic benefits.

When the first wave of broadband deployments peaked I turned my mind to what was to come next – what we now call “superfast” or NGA broadband – and especially about the impact a patchwork of next generation metro-nets may have on innovation, diversity, services and on the existing industry.

My work and thought processes focus on finding practical strategies across a range of geographies and using a variety of business strategies, and have ranged from what we now call cloud computing to policy-based smart fibre networks; all stuff we need for next generation broadband.

My work can be found within many of the UK’s independent fibre programmes as well as in broadband policies where I’ve been assisting on alternative models and “superfast” solutions for the most challenging geographies of the UK.

I now work at Gigaclear plc where I head up their Market Intelligence function but don’t let that make you a stranger – get in touch.